Hourly plan

Hourly for 32 hours

deposit range: $5-$4000

1 day plan

after 1 day

deposit range: $10-unlimited

3 days plan

After 3 days

deposit range: $250-unlimited

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  • experienced staff of professionals
  • Legal registered investment company
  • members all over the world are accepted
  • paying 7 days a week
  • fast & secure withdrawals
  • secure server & ddos protection

site statistics:

Started Apr 26, 2018
Days Online 29
Visitors online 635
Total Members 3103
Total Investment $ 347371.27
Total Paid $ 262473.33
Last deposit: $ 10.99 (vvs57)
Last withdraw: $ 5.44 (vvs57)

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What is Dmhourly.biz?

Dmhourly.biz is a corporate entity and has been officially registered as "Dm Hourly GROUP L.L.C" in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We manage the controversial alternative investment instruments. Our talented and experienced investment team has formed relationships with a number of other note professional throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. Dmhourly.biz have originated from these relationships. Throug this website (Dmhourly.biz) we offer our investment services to public, we accept registrations from all over the World.

Are you a real financial company and where are you located?
Yes, we are owned and managed by "Dm Hourly GROUP L.L.C", an officially incorporated company in United Arab Emirates, Dubai.
How long you are in the business?
As a private investment management and consulting company Dm Hourly GROUP L.L.C is working since 2016, when we initially offered our services only for private clients offline. Later we realised the potential of Internet and so on 2017 we started to develop a truly unique and stable investment program for all investors worldwide. 2018 Mar is when Dmhourly.biz is proudly launched for people willing to achieve their financial goals!
How long do you plan to stay in business?
There is no reason which could limit the lifetime of our company. New technologies bring money, so that we can see the future of our company for many years.
Are there any fees involved while using your investment service?
No, the registration and the usage of our investment program is completely free of charge. We do not apply any taxes or commissions for your earnings with Dmhourly.biz.
How can you provide and maintain such a high return?
Our knowledge and experience that we have accumulated during the recent years allow us to offer our clients a high but sustainable return on their investments at the same time. All our generated assets are constantly growing by a slightly higher rate in compare to the investment plans we offer in our plans page.
Who can become a member of Dmhourly.biz?
Program participation is available to any individual, who is over 18 years of age. We accept members all over the world, from any country.
How do I register for a Dmhourly.biz account?
In order to open an account with Dmhourly.biz, follow the instructions below:

  • - Go to "Register".

  • - Ensure you fill out the registration form with correct data.

  • - Read the Members Agreement and hit Register.

  • - You're now an official member of Dmhourly.biz!

Can I have more than one account and refer myself?
We allow only one account per individual and you are not allowed to refer yourself (and earn referral commission from your own deposit). This may cause an account termination and entire funds being frozen, since such actions are treated as cheating at Dmhourly.biz
Can I share the same internet connection with another Dmhourly.biz member?
Please contact our support team to let them know about your situation and to avoid any further issues with the corresponding accounts.
Can I manage other peoples accounts?
Yes, you can manage accounts for family members but keep in mind that if you are sharing the same internet connection, one account cannot refer each other.
I have forgotten my account password and/or username. Whar do I do?
You can reset your account information trough this page: www.Dmhourly.biz/index.php?a=forgot_password
What payment methods do you accept for investing?
Currently we accept Payeer(PR), Bitcoin (BTC), PerfectMoney(PM) Advcash(ADV), Litecoin(LTC) e-currencies for all transactions related.
What is the minimum/maximum investment amount?
Minimum spend is $5 and there is no maximum.
Will you return my principal after investment period ends?
No, your initial deposit (principal) is not returned. It is included in your total profit.
Can I have more than one active investment?
Yes, you can have as many simultaneous investments as you wish. All deposits are treated individually.
How do I withdraw my earnings and referral commissions?
You can withdraw funds in your personal Dmhourly.biz account by clicking 'Withdraw' button and charging the amount disposed on your available balance.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount I can request?
The minimum withdrawal $0.01 for all payment processors.
How soon will you process the withdrawal request I have placed?
All withdrawals are processed instantly.
Can I deposit using one e-currency and withdraw to another one?
No, you can only get paid to the same e-currency account you made the investment with.
Does Dmhourly.biz offer any referral program?
Yes,Our referral commission is a flat rate of 10.00% from your referral's deposit from payment processor. and with an infinities range of earning potential , you can build a constant cash flow. You'll be offered a referral link and the various banner sizes at the "banner" section in your account . This will be very helpful for promoting our program to everyone by the ways: Put our banners on the public forums, your personal website, on social networks ( Facebook, Google Plus+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) Send your referral link to your friends by email. You can also invite your families join with us by giving them your referral link.
Where do I find promotional banners and other info about the affiliate programs?
For advertisement banners please log in your Dmhourly.biz account and go to "Referral Links" section.